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Zayn & Zoey – Stories from India (Volume 1)

Zayn & Zoey – Stories from India (Volume 1)

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Zayn and Zoey are jet-setting around India, the seventh largest county in the world. With diverse landscapes, varied and rich cultures and traditions, and glorious history, the country has much to explore and learn about. It is a land of enchanting tales and stories and Zayn & Zoey can’t wait to discover it all! Join Zayn & Zoey in this series as they explore the magnificent country of India!

VOLUME 1 – 3 Books – 9 Stories

1) Zayn & Zoey in a Festive Mood
Festivals are a way to celebrate one’s heritage and traditions, and each region of India has its unique set of festivals. In their travels across India, Zayn and Zoey enjoy being part of some lively festivals and enthusiastically joining in the customs and rituals.

In a small village in Punjab, they join a local family in celebrating Baisakhi. During a visit to Jaipur, they participate in the vibrant Holi celebrations in the city. Mom and Dad take the twins to Varanasi to experience a festival of lights like no other!

Join Zayn & Zoey in these stories:
– Baisakhi in Punjab
– Holi in Jaipur
– Dev Diwali in Varanasi

2) Zayn & Zoey Dive into History
The rich history of India goes back thousands of years! Monuments and landmarks across the country are testament of the glorious kingdoms that once ruled India, all the way up to the intense struggle for freedom from British rule.

As they visit the Sanchi Stupa, Zayn and Zoey learn about the great Mauryan emperor, Ashoka. At the ruins of Hampi, they experience the wonders of the Vijayanagar kingdom. As they prepare to celebrate Independence day, Zayn and Zoey’s class presents some interesting stories from the long-drawn freedom struggle of India!

Join Zayn & Zoey in these stories:
– Ashoka the Great
– Glories of the Vijayanagar Empire
– The Story of Indian Independence

3) Zayn & Zoey Explore Different Landscapes
India is a country with a diverse geography. From mountains and rivers to beaches and deserts to forests and plains, India has a variety of landscapes, each unique with a rich ecosystem. Zayn and Zoey trek in the Himalayas and learn about the mountains of India, camp by River Ganga and chat about the multitude of rivers in the country, and visit a unique desert festival in Kutch and learn about the different deserts of India.

Join Zayn & Zoey in these stories:
– Trek in the Himalayas
– Land of Rivers
– The Rann of Kutch

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