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Your Story Your World - Flags of Asia (Vol 1)

Your Story Your World - Flags of Asia (Vol 1)

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With over 196 flags for all the countries in the world, it was a challenge to help my daughter remember the colors and characteristics of country flags. That’s when I stumbled upon an approach to learning that could work for anything. I created memory chains through stories, a long known but under-explored concept, to make her learning faster and easier. I created symbolic characters through storytelling to represent the colors and characteristics of a national flag, so it stayed in her memory for long. Words formed into stories, stories formed into characters, and it became a chain and I couldn’t help but share my excitement with parents like me. It was like getting superpowers! I could make my daughter learn anything with this simple technique. Your Story Your World – Volume I comprises of the 20 most important countries of Asia.

- Neha Jain Kale

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