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The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji street

The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji street

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Sometimes the forces of evil are so dark that no single spell can defeat them' cosy castle is far from 'cosy'. In fact, it is a boxy, grey building where children walk on tippy toes from fear of the dreadful 'dragon' and the crotchety 'crone'. With nivi mallik’s arrival at cosy castle, the rules start to change. The bimbli trees become the hang-out spot for two giggly girls and the driveway is a permanent cricket pitch for the boys. But the happy times are soon ended by the 'dragon' and the 'crone', who gang up against the children and declare war on the bimbli trees. It will take a miracle to challenge the two wily women, leave alone defeat them. But miracles happen only in fairy tales…or do they? is it possible for fantasy-fan nivi, geeky boy-next-door venu, bubbly sarita and their three pint-sized comrades, nikhil, vijay and rehaan, to conquer an evil much beyond their power? join the six imaginative spellmakers as they use a very practical kind of magic to conjure potent potion

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