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Shadow Art - Ramayan

Shadow Art - Ramayan

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Shadow Art is inspired from the ancient art of shadow puppetry which was used as medium for storytelling and entertainment across many parts of India. The exact origination of this art form is unknown, but it was first seen in India around the 2nd century under the patronage of the Satavahana Dynasty and was called Tholu Bommalaata. Just how these shows helped immerse its viewers into a world of fantasy and imagination, we hope our version of shadow art does the same for you. 

Ramayan covers the epic Ramayan from the birth of Ram till his return to Ayodhya. All these make up India's rich cultural legacy. The book comes with a story explaining the book but we encourage children to use their own imagination too.


Shadow Art is unique because it is - 

Relatable - Designed by mothers

Durable - High quality thick paper

Creative - Instils imagination with different scenarios

Long Lasting – Can be used multiple times

Age Old - Inspired from the ancient art of storytelling

Innovative – Learn through play

How to use this book -

Project the book in a dark space on any flat surface with a torch. Follow the story that comes along with the book or use your own imagination and create your own.

Story – Follow the story and enjoy the book and its features

Imagination – Use the book with your own imagination, create your own story


New Born to 8 years

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