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Pari series - No Ticket, Will Travel

Pari series - No Ticket, Will Travel

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I can’t buy a ticket, but I really need to get on this train…

Chandrasekhar waits for a job and dreams of being back home with a classmate he’s in love with. Aruna has lost a slipper, and it was her only pair. Balu wishes he could trade his jackhammer for a poetry book. Sadia and her son are sleeping beside their handmade dolls, wondering what the future holds. Anjanamma makes up a story to soothe the relentless sting of mosquitoes. Nagaraju sightlessly navigates the chaos of a train station and puts out a plea to the universe.

Subuhi Jiwani traces six uncertain journeys from Andhra Pradesh to Kochi, of migrants in search of work, survival and belonging.

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