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Melting Pot - South Indian Gastronomy - 300 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Melting Pot - South Indian Gastronomy - 300 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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The 300 piece puzzle "Melting Pot" explores the myriad of spices, flavous, aromas, native ingredients that spew magic into the exotic, lip-smacking cuisine from the South of India. From the everyday breakfast varieties to the occasion-specific festive dishes and from the spread of dishes over lunch to the unparalleled fish and chicken curries, we bring to you an array of aromas! Tingle your taste buds as you decode this age old cuisine from the South of India!!!

The collection of Indian Lifestyle puzzles from Aurva, have been artfully designed to explore the myriad of customs, rituals and everyday practices while unravelling their value and significance.

South Indian cuisine comprises the foods from the five Southern Indian states, which though similar in terms of the ingredients used retain a world of difference based on the geography and culture of each State. Within each state too cuisines vary, bringing to the world an array of aromas that are known to be healthy and nutritious on one end yet tasty and flavourful on the other. The cuisine is also known for rice or rice-based dishes and all pack combinations of spices that are unique and mostly grown in the South. The dishes also incorporate regional agricultural produce, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Some dishes are prepared for their medicinal value too- the age old grandmother’s recipes for everyday cure!

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