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Little Frog/Kutti Thavalai

Little Frog/Kutti Thavalai

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Little Frog, who has lived all his life as a tadpole in the water so far, leaps on to land for the first time when he grows into a frog. He is surprised to find the land dry and he asks his mother when it will rain. When the sky is dark with clouds, his mother replies. Every day of the week, Little Frog looks up at the sky and when he sees something dark there, he asks those he sees such as the crane, the fish, the stork and so on if these are clouds. No, comes the reply each time, it's something else: it's a swarm of insects one time, and another time it's kites flying in the sky. Until finally, it is dark clouds and the rain comes down and all the frogs in the pond begin to croak for joy. This bilingual book is also a story about days of the week, things you can see in the sky, and other creatures.

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