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Krishna - the Protector - The 54 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Krishna - the Protector - The 54 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Little Deities Collection of puzzles by Aurva, has been designed for children to discover and relish the unique stories of child deities from Hindu Mythology. This puzzle unfolds the tale behind Lord Krishna’s victory over the evil serpent Kaliya. Children explore Krishna’s descent into the River Yamuna to reach Kaliya, the infamous fight between the two and his famous dance over the serpent’s hood in victory.

We bring you this Lord Krishna puzzle with the hope that tales from our yore, engage the Little Cuties in your house, helping them learn, exchange and rejoice in the cultural glory of India.

Vrindavan, a town along the banks of the River Yamuna, is one of North India’s holy pilgrimage hubs. Little Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood and youth here. He grew up with the Yadava community, played with his cowherd friends and the Gopis, and fell in love with Radha in the Tulsi forests that envelop the town. As Shri Krishna and his friends spent time along the River Yamuna, one day entered the many-hooded, dreaded, poisonous serpent Kaliya. His venom caused the Yamuna to turn black, bubbling with poison. Find out more about the story while solving this beautiful puzzle...

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