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Gender Talk Big Hero Size Zero

Gender Talk Big Hero Size Zero

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BIG HERO — SIZE ZERO. The perfect male-female bodies — says who? Aren’t sex and gender the same thing? Either male or female, right? Of course men and women are equal — but who calls the shots at home? Who makes the ‘rules’ we are all supposed to follow? Does what you wear ‘invite trouble’? Do women need to be ‘controlled for their own good’? Why is being different from the majority such a problem?
As gender issues hit the news hotspots more and more, there are questions and confusions, and the answers are covered by a smog of stereotype and convention. So how do teens make sense of all this?
Two young writers, Anusha Hariharan and Sowmya Rajendran, ‘talk’ directly to you about this complex subject with empathy and in a language you would understand. Uncovering truths, untruths, semi-truths and myths, using everyday examples as well as references to popular media, the book explores what it means socially and culturally to belong to a certain gender. Running alongside is Niveditha Subramaniam’s visual commentary that prods and provokes, even as it makes you laugh out loud!
This book helps you find some answers, and raise more questions with better information. Being aware is a first step towards gender equality.

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