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Aditi adventures and the Spaceflower

Aditi adventures and the Spaceflower

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Siril the ant is not his practical, rational self at all. He gazes at the sky all night, mumbles to himself, doesn't answer when spoken to... Beautiful is puzzled and upset. Is he in love? She is even more startled when she discovers that he intends to build a spaceship and fly to one of Jupiter's moons, in response to a sad cry for help! In spite of Beautiful's misgivings, the adventurers do zoom into space – with the help of anti-gravity pads, the scientific genius of the Techno Sage, and some very useful mind power from the other sages. But can they really help a moon correct its path? A sci-fi fan herself, Suniti Namjoshi takes the genre way beyond its usual orbit, combining the thrill and beauty of the world beyond with gentle sentiment and unusual insights.

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