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Aditi adventures and the Cyberspace Runaway

Aditi adventures and the Cyberspace Runaway

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Holiday plans for Aditi and the others go off track when a runaway computer programme, the irrepressible Mistress i, decides to take refuge with them. Hot on her heels is the scientist who created her, who threatens to put them in jail for kidnapping. And in the midst of all the commotion, Beautiful the elephant is determined to learn to be everything she thinks she isn't – rational, sensible, logical and equable. From their peaceful home in Maharashtra, India, Aditi and her friends are catapulted into a strange encounter with cyberspace. In her astonishingly simple way, Suniti Namjoshi explores the connection between the two worlds – cyber and real – and throws up some interesting thoughts: Does a computer have a soul? And is 'getting updated' the equivalent of 'growing up'?

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