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Aditi adventures and Meeting Grendel

Aditi adventures and Meeting Grendel

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Aditi’s grandmother is unwell, and there is a certain rose that may make her feel better. Does this Deep Rose really exist? No one is sure, but the quest for it takes the adventurers to the coast of Devon in England. There they meet the little boy Grendel, who lives under the sea, prowls around at night scaring others, who can’t remember anything and doesn’t really care.

In the sixth book of this unique series, Suniti Namjoshi gently raises the bar for her young readers. In typical style, she recasts characters from legends and questions popular notions about them — here, the ‘monsters’ Grendel and his mother from the Beowulf story. Does monstrosity lie in the eye of the beholder, she wonders. Add to this Monkeyji in a profound mood, and there is even more to think about.

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