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A Vikram-Aditya Story: Ranthambore Adventure

A Vikram-Aditya Story: Ranthambore Adventure

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This is the story of a tiger.
Once a helpless ball of fur, Genghis emerges as a mighty predator, the king of the forest. But the jungle isn't just his kingdom. Soon, Genghis finds himself fighting for his skin against equally powerful predators of a different kind--humans.
The very same ones that Vikram and Aditya get embroiled with when they attempt to lay their hands on a diary that belongs to a ruthless tiger poacher. Worlds collide when one ill-fated encounter plunges the boys and their friend Aarti into a thrilling chase that takes them deep into the magnificent game park of Ranthambore.
Journey through the wilderness, brimming with tiger lore, with a tale set in one of India's most splendid destinations.

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