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Catch that Crocodile Elephants never forget Alphabets are amazing animals

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Catch that Crocodile
One day, Falguni the Fruitseller finds a crocodile in a ditch. “Catch that Crocodile!” cry the terrified townspeople. But who will do it? Probin Policeman with his stick? Can Doctor Dutta do the trick? Will Bhayanak Singh drag it away? Or is the Crocodile here to stay?

Elephants never forget

A baby elephant is lost and alone in the forest, when a herd of buffaloes comes along and takes him into its fold. What is he now: an elephant or a buffalo? A joyful tale — illustrated in a bold woodcut style — that touches lightly on the themes of loss, adoption and integration.

Alphabets are amazing animals

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Anushka Ravishankar


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