Navaratri – Festival of Feminine Power – 300 piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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The collection of Indian Festivals puzzles from Aurva, have been artfully designed to explore customs, rituals and practices while unravelling their cultural significance. The Navratri Puzzle brings to you, the country’s most revered nine-day long festival that salutes the feminine trinity of knowledge, wealth and power. From a child’s inception into education, to grand elephant parades around a gloriously lit palace, and from the artful curation of dolls passed on through generations to respectful gratitude paid to evergreen tools, traditional practices have been vibrantly portrayed for you to decode! Join us in Saluting the Feminine Power!

Complimentary with every puzzle: A4 detailed puzzle image + Finely detailed ‘Culture Scroll’ describing the origin, history, tradition and symbolic significance of the product.


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