My Pet Project – A DIY Art Kit For Kids


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Who doesn’t love creating their own version of a popular stuff toy??  

#MyPetProject DIY Art Kit is a unique DIY stuffed toy painting Kit which lets you paint your own stuffed toy and have fun while making it! The Talking Canvas believes in inspiring kids by providing a stuffed toy as a canvas to let you create magic with color. It comes in 2 options: Dinosaur or Unicorn! Add your own style, patterns and quirky colors to this toy and flaunt your masterpiece!

1 Handcrafted White Cotton Stuff Toy – Dinosaur or Unicorn
6 tubs of Fabric paints
2 Brushes
1 Palette
2 Practice Sheets
Colour Mixing Guide

It’s an amazing engagement activity for kids.

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My pet is

Dinosaur, Unicorn


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