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Sita’s Ramayana Warrior women

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Sita’s Ramayana
Sita’s Ramayana shifts the point of view of the epic – the saga of a heroic war – to bring a woman’s perspective to this familiar tale. Narrated by the heroine Sita, it is a powerful meditation on the fate of women, as they become pawns in the wars between men and kingdoms

Warrior women
Flashing swords, firing guns, charging on horseback, planning strategies, talking peace… Twelve warrior women did it all, and how! Some were royalty, some ordinary women. But what they all had was courage. As they led from the front, this very visual peek into their turbulent, fascinating lives sweeps aside the myth that it takes a man to fight and rule and protect women.

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Warrior Women: Tara Anand; Sita's Ramayana: Samhita Arni, Moyna Chitrakar


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