Running out of space in the bookshelf? Is your little one running through their library very quickly and always looking for new books to read? No problem! BOOKBEAR is happy to share his books!

BOOKBEAR shares is a books on loan service offered by us. You can enjoy our entire catalogue of books without having to buy any of them. Its simple really.. Just sign up, we’ll send you curated books regularly based on the preferences you indicate, alongside instructions on how to ship these back to us and by what date. Once the loan duration is over, you ship these back to us… that’s it! Pick amongst the options illustrated below, and sign up! Enjoy!

Here’s how it works…

a) Select your subscription, pay the subscription fee and one-time refundable deposit.
b) Tell us a little bit about your kid (age, types of books they are into, languages they know etc.) 
c) We’ll curate and send some books for them to enjoy (or you can curate it yourself too!) 
d) You’ll receive the books within 5 working days via post. 
e) Once your loan duration is over, you post it back to us. We’ll even include a bag with return postage for you! 
f) And we do the same drill again – easy as that!
g) If you fall in love with a book, just order it on – we’ll send across a new copy to you!

*Activity books like ‘How to draw fish’, ‘How to draw deer’, ‘Twins’, limited addition books and a few others are not included in book share!

The initial deposit will be refunded as soon as the books are returned to Bookbear after the loan period. Bookbear loves his books and is very happy to share them, but gets sad if they are damaged or misplaced, and in that case, we will forfeit $10 per book damaged as penalty.

Sign up now!